Program Summit 2021

Energizing program European Industry & Energy Summit 21

Tuesday December 7th


9.00 - 11.00 h

Plenairy opening talkshow

With key talks from Melanie Maas-Brunner (CTO BASF), Holger Kreetz (COO Uniper), Hans van den Berg (CEO Tata Steel Netherlands), professor Bert Weckhhuysen (scientific director ARC CBBC) and Sandra Silva Riaño (director Biomass RWE) 

Talkshow Guests: Akansha Goyal (PhD) and Theo Henrar (chairman FME)

11.00 - 11.15 h


11.15 - 12.45 h

Side event TNO

Theme: Industrial Transformation

On stage: André Faaij (TNO), Frank Kuijpers (Sabic), Noé van Hulst (IEA, Gasunie) and Tom van Aken (Avantium)

Theme: CO2 capture with SEWGS

On stage: Soledad van Eijk (TNO), Siebe van der Veer (Kisuma) and Joey Dobrée (Stamicarbon) and a live connection with Paul Cobden (Swerin) who shows the SEWGS pilot facility in Sweden

Break-out Croonwolter&dros

Theme: Debottlenecking, a way of working when facing industrial challenges in the energy transition

On stage: Roland Kroes (Context), Sander Weitkamp (TenneT), Paul Hoorens (Croonwolter&dros), Anoek Sloot (SC&M) and Jaap Reijntjes (Croonwolter&dros)

Break-out Uniper

Theme: Decarbonisation - better together 

On stage: Patrick Nanninga (Uniper)

12.45 - 13.30 h

Lunch Break

13.30 - 15.00 h

15.00 - 15.30 h


15.15 - 17.00 h

Side event TKI Energie & Industrie (This session will be Dutch spoken)

Theme: Electrification in industry - The questions no one dares to ask

On stage: Moderator Laureen Peskens, Rob Kreiter (director TKI Energie en Industrie), Ed Buddenbaum (Topsector Energie/EZK), Marnix van Alphen (Vattenfall) Jan van der Lee (Tennet) Albert Keukens (Shin-Etsu) and Michelle Prins (Natuur en Milieu)

Side event Next steps in hydrogen

Theme: What’s next in Hydrogen?

With key talks from Eddie Lycklama à Nijeholt (Gasunie/Hynetwork Services), Wilco van der Lans (Port of Rotterdam) and Luc Graré (Lhyfe)

Talkshow Guests: Yolande Verbeek (Uniper) Eduard de Visser (Port of Amsterdam) and Jan-Willem Könemann (TNO)

17.00 h

End of day one

Wednesday December 8th


9.00 - 10.30 h

Side event FME

Theme: Breaking CO2 Reduction Barriers

On stage: Hans van der Spek (FME), Jacques van de Worp (VEMW), Hans Keuken (Process Design Center), Maarten van Werkhoven (TPA advisors) and Niels Penninx (Green April)

Side event CCUS

Theme: Let’s talk about negative CO2 emissions 

On stage: Earl Goetheer (TNO/TU Delft), Peter Moser (RWE), Peter Rowe (Deep Branch), Soledad van Eijk (TNO) and Petrus Postma (&Flux)

10.30 - 11.00 h


11.00 - 12.30 h

Side event Chemelot / Brightlands Chemelot Campus / Brightsite

How do we tackle the industry transition @Chemelot?

On stage: Klazien Ebbens (OCI Nitrogen), Loek Radix (Chemelot), Eric Appelman (Brightlands Chemelot Campus), Arnold Stokking (Brightsite), Jos Visser (Sabic), Denis Aarssen (RWE), Peter Rowe (Deep Branch), Jacqueline Vaessen (Topsector Chemie), Tys van Elk (LIOF) Hans van der Loo (IIER)

Side event Fieldlab Industrial Electrification

Theme: Efficient use of industrial residual heat in the chemical industry
On stage: Josepha van Kollenburg (FLIE), Rens van Leuken (Ducor). With a contribution by Robert Geurts (Province of South Holland) and pitches by René Waggeveld (BlueTerra), Marit van Lieshout (RHDHV/SPIE) and Amar Nikam (SPIE)Jakob Haverkamp (Haverkamp Consultancy) and Ertan Törün (IBK)

12.30 - 13.30 h

Lunch Break

13.30 - 15.00 h

Break-out Tebodin

Theme: Electrical steam boilers in industrial energy optimization
On Stage: Wouter van Gerwen, Izak Boot and Joost Zittema

Side event ARC CBBC

Theme: How chemistry can build the new green economy
On stage: Lotte Metz (University of Amsterdam), Bram Kappé (Utrecht University), Marie Brands (University of Amsterdam) Bas Terlingen (Utrecht University) Robert Terörde (BASF), André van Linden (AkzoNobel) and Evren Ünsal (Shell)

Break-out Croonwolter&dros

Theme: Optimizing renewable power

On stage: Rob Roodenburg (

15.00 - 15.30 h


15.30 - 17.00 h

17.00 h

End of Summit

What is it about?

The European process industry and energy sector are partly responsible for causing climate change. But, at the other hand, they can also make a major contribution to providing solutions. The European Industry and Energy summit strives to foster ideas, technology, plans & projects to address this challenge by bringing together all relevant parties and expertise from around Europe.

The summit focuses on a variety of subjects such as emission-free hydrogen, chemcycling, energy efficiency, electrification, carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS), biobased chains and more. All these technologies can energize a sustainable future.

Last year 1200 people watched the European Industry & Energy Summit live broadcast from four locations

Who will attend?

The European Industry & Energy Summit focuses on management of utilities, process industry, petrochemicals, grid operators, food & beverage, heavy industry, pharmaceutical industry, energy research and science, engineering and NGOs. As well as on suppliers of the process industry, secondment, consultancy, contractors and OEMs.

What: European Industry & Energy Summit

When: December 7th and 8th

Where: Rotterdam Ahoy

Members benefits

Members of the Industry & Energy Community get more value for their money. For an amount of only 930 euro a year members get:

  • Discount at multiple industrial events like Deltavisie, Eemsdeltavisie, Watervisie and the iMaintain conference.
  • Monthly a paper copy of Industrielinqs and/or Petrochem (Dutch) for you and five of your business partners
  • Get acces to online content of Industry & energy, Industrielinqs, Petrochem, Utilities, iMaintain and Watervisie
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