EIES21: Breaking CO2 Reduction Barriers


Wednesday December 8th 9.00 – 10.30, Rotterdam Ahoy

At the European Industry & Energy Summit FME will inform the live and online audience about how project 6-25 underlines the crucial role technology will play in successfully addressing the challenges faced by society. By reducing industry’s carbon footprint and facilitating large-scale implementation of innovative technologies, it can make a lasting contribution to a more sustainable society and at the same time generate economic growth.

Time is ticking… if we continue the CO2 reduction pace of the last 10 years, we will arrive at only ~40% of the 2030 target . It’s time to ‘Break Barriers’ and Project 6-25 is your lever to do this.

The ambition is large, will probably be tightened and requires all interventions available. And availability is the challenge for the 2030 target. The fact that is often overlooked is that new technologies which can improve process efficiency are – in contrary to hydrogen, electrification and CC(U)S – ready for large-scale rollout.

Project 6-25 breaks the main barriers for initiation of energy efficiency projects: (1) Priority, (2) Resource Scarcity, (3) Business case Attractiveness and (4) Solution applicability. The 6-25 project is an accelerator for these projects with a validated implementation ready technology portfolio and an approach that solves significant barriers that asset owners face.

This session will facilitate dialogue with the asset owners in the public and the project 6-25 team around the levers to break CO2 reduction barriers.