One million metric ton CCS project complete

EIES21: Let’s talk about negative CO2 emissions

Biobased Storage Summit

The energy transition is often about the large-scale storage or reuse of CO2. That can even lead to negative CO2 emissions. Especially if the origin of the CO2 is biogenic. During European Industry and Energy Summit 2021 a side event is about the possibilities to get and keep CO2 out of the air.

Bioenergy combined with CO2 capture and storage is internationally referred to as BECCS, Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture Storage. BECCS is currently considered an important method for actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere. By combining the ability of trees and plants to absorb CO2 during growth with the CO2 emitted when using biomass for energy or in other industries, a net negative emission can be realized.


On December 8 from 9:00-10:30, a side event will focus on negative CO2 emissions. How big is the importance of BECCS in the overall energy system, also on the side of security of supply of energy? And what are other routes? How do you capture CO2 and how necessary is it to store it on a large scale? What is the status of initiatives to reuse CO2 as a raw material?

In Rotterdam Ahoy, experts Prof. Earl Goetheer (TNO/TU Delft) and Peter Moser (RWE) will provide short introductions and then engage in a discussion with various table guests. Among them: Peter Rowe (Deep Branch), Soledad van Eijk (TNO) and Petrus Postma (&Flux)

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