EIES21: How Energico.energy can optimize every kilowatt-hour of renewable power


Wednesday December 8th, 13.30 – 14.10 studio 2 – European Industry & Energy Summit 2021 (Rotterdam Ahoy)

During the European Industry & Energy Summit 2021, Rob Roodenburg of Energico.energy will present the Energico total concept. He will show how the cooperation between industry, energy companies and renewable generation leads to major synergy advantages.

With the transition to volatile renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, the complexity of energy management is increasing. The industry can play a role in balancing electricity supply and demand by adapting the use of its assets to the supply. For companies, this will always be a trade-off between costs, revenues and business risks. They can scale up processes when energy prices are low or reduce their production when energy prices skyrocket. Cold storage facilities have been doing this for some time. The problem, however, is that as the number of choices increases, so does the complexity.

Energico.energy has developed a software platform that makes the best possible use of the energy assets. Whether this is a wind farm, a battery or an electric boiler. Energy company Vattenfall has already been using the platform successfully for some time to manage its energy parks in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Enexis is doing a pilot for congestion management of a municipality. By better coordinating energy production and consumption, the energy company ensures that every kilowatt hour of sustainably generated energy is actually used.