EIES21: Electrical steam boilers in industrial energy optimization


Wednesday, December 8th, 13.30 – 14.10, Rotterdam Ahoy

At the European Industry & Energy Summit Bilfinger Tebodin will show you how the engineers and consultants can optimize the industrial heat consumption in cooperation with Eneco.

The overall heat consumption in The Netherlands is over 40%. In the efforts of optimizing the industrial heat consumption, Bilfinger Tebodin and Eneco join forces. In the list of measures of heat cascading, -buffering, -networks and heat pumps, they added an electrical boiler. However, at this moment, the overall electrical energy consumption in The Netherlands is about 16% of the total while its electrical infrastructure is at its current limits.

Value Engineering Facilitator Wouter van Gerwen interviews Energy Consultant Izak Boot and Industrial Sustainability Consultant Joost Zittema about the practical aspects of how this electrification levers into substantial energy consumption reduction.