‘Phenomenal entities to enhance decarbonization’


EIES23 – Industrial clusters as units are phenomenal entities to strengthen decarbonization,” said Jörgen Sandström (World Economic Forum) at EIES23. Clusters, he said, must be helped to harness this enormous potential.

Because decarbonization will not happen overnight. Especially in the area of cooperation, there is much to be gained. Sandström: ‘Most companies in industrial zones just mind their own business. They know some of their neighbors, but often far from all of them. They certainly are not cooperating with all their neighbors.’

Wim Raaijen
I am a creative publisher, editor in chief, writer, vlogger and moderator with a journalistic and philosophic based view. Trying to re-invent the concept of publishing, based on platforms and partners, instead of separated media and advertisements. I am interested in industrial subjects like transition, sustainability, safety, energy efficiency, innovation and responsibility.