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Before start Hydrogen Trail Europe

What are the steps now being taken in European industry in the area of zero-emission hydrogen? And how do these steps fit into the broad transformation of industry? Along with three award-winning young professionals (Tes ApeldoornCarina Nieuwenweg and Leon Rosseau), the editor-in-chief of Industry and Energy will be touring various industrial clusters in Europe, June 27th – juli 8th

Starting in the northern Netherlands, we will go through the Ruhr area in Germany and Switzerland to Spain and Portugal. Via the west coast of France and Belgium we return to the Netherlands. Until June we will regularly announce the industrial clusters we are visiting. You can also follow us on Linkedin.

With vlogs, blogs, articles and a documentary we will report on the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen in Europe.

We are still looking for some partners for HYTE. Interested? Find the media kit here.