Dragons’ Den of Transition

A new and exciting part of the European Industry & Energy Summit is the Dragons’ Den of Transition. The energy transition needs innovation to keep sustainable energy and feedstock reliable and affordable. Some ground breaking innovations just need a little push to flourish. The closing of the Summit will therefore provide a stage to dragons who can support innovations that accelerate the transition.

Dragon’s Den of Transition is a new part of the Summit. The organization wants to provide a stage for hopeful innovations in the field of European industrial transformation and also help them along the way. These are innovations from start-ups, for example, that could use a boost to reach maturity. The need can be financial, but also support in the areas of marketing, networking, entrepreneurship, business development and more. That is the role of the dragons.

Wednesday afternoon December 8, a number of selected companies can pitch their sustainable innovations to four Dragons, representatives of incubators, ventures and equity funds and governments. It is up to the dragons to get the attention of the innovators, make contacts or even financial offers.

The Dragons are: Alexander Goos (EIT InnoEnergy), Tjeerd Jongsma (ISPT), Rob Kreiter (TKI Energie & Industrie) Emiel ten Have (NOM), Heleen van Wijk (Groningen Seaports) and Alice Krekt (Deltalinqs)


Please meet the innovators that pitched during the Dragons’ Den of Transition. Deepbranch, Metalot, DOPS, BioCore, REDStack and SpectX.

Deep Branch asked the Dragons for help to find a suitable location to produce at full scale proteins from CO2 and hydrogen.

Iron powder is an interesting circular fuel and Metalot is looking for partners. The starter wants to set up various installations in the industry. It is also looking for a good location for a factory that regenerates oxidized iron powder.

The conversion of heterogeneous waste streams into chemical building blocks. Without emissions and affordable too. DOPS was looking for Dragons who can enable the development of a pilot plant. The company is also looking for coaching on its growth ambitions.

BioCore asked the Dragons for help in financing a full-scale pilot project for its solid oxide fuel cell technology. This will make biogas production and usage economically viable again, while it also helps in balancing the energy system.

With a technique known as reverse electrodialysis (RED), it is possible to harvest the energy potential of fresh and salt water. REDstack joined the Dragons’Den of Tansition and asked the dragons to fund the upscaling of the pilot plant as well as the stackproduction.

SpectX is working on a solution where two drones work together to make remote and automatic X-ray inspections of windturbine blades possible. At the Dragons’ Den of Transition Akhilesh Goveas asked the dragons for helping him with both funding as wel as a launching customer.