HYTE Vlog#10: New kid on the block Lhyfe


France – New kid on the block Lhyfe produces green hydrogen from sea water in Bouin at the west coast of France. And Luc Graré of the hydrogen starter gave the travellers of Hydrogen Trail Europe a cliffhanger. At the end of september the first floating hydrogen installation is going offshore. More to come!

On the west coast of France, Lhyfe has built its first hydrogen production unit, operational since summer 2021. The green hydrogen company connects four wind turbines directly to an electrolyzer that uses salt seawater to make hydrogen. 


September 2022 is scheduled to see the opening of the world’s first hydrogen pilot production facility at sea. Lhyfe will then place an electrolyzer on a floating platform about 26 – 30 kilometers from Saint-Nazaire, in the Atlantic Ocean. Connected directly to a floating wind turbine from Vestas. 

Wim Raaijen
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