HYTE Vlog#7 The Swiss way of Hydrospider


In Switzerland, there are entirely different opportunities and challenges. In Niedergösgen, we visited an Alpiq hydroelectric plant that is more than 100 years old. Industrial heritage! From part of the hydroelectric power, the joint venture Hydrospider makes hydrogen with a 2 megawatt electrolyzer.

46 trucks

Switzerland, partly motivated by its mountainous landscape, has hardly any gas infrastructure. The hydrogen gas produced by the company is therefore transported to filling stations by container. Hydrospider focuses on heavy transport. There are currently 46 Hyundai trucks on the road, and hundreds more are expected in the coming years. It is also the intention that green hydrogen will be produced at various locations. 

The choice for freight transport also seems to be dictated by the geographical location. Switzerland has little heavy industry anyway. Moreover, the mountainous landscape is less suitable for electric trucks with enormous weights of heavy batteries. It is the situation…

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