Summit 2022


The European process industry and energy sector are partly responsible for causing climate change. But, at the other hand, they can also make a major contribution to providing solutions. The European Industry and Energy summit strives to foster ideas, technology, plans & projects to address this challenge by bringing together all relevant parties and expertise from around Europe.

The summit focuses on a variety of subjects such as emission-free hydrogen, chemcycling, energy efficiency, electrification, carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS), biobased chains and more. All these technologies can energize a sustainable future.

Last year 900 people watched the European Industry & Energy Summit live and online

Who will attend?

The European Industry & Energy Summit focuses on management of utilities, process industry, petrochemicals, grid operators, food & beverage, heavy industry, pharmaceutical industry, energy research and science, engineering and NGOs. As well as on suppliers of the process industry, secondment, consultancy, contractors and OEMs.

What: European Industry & Energy Summit

When: November 29th and 30th 2022

Where: Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Geleen (the Netherlands)

Program November 29

9.30 - 12.30Plenary opening, moderated by Esther van Rijswijk and Wim Raaijen.

Industry leaders Dirk Smit (Chief Scientist at Shell), Matthieu Guesné (CEO Lhyfe), Allard Castelein (CEO Port of Rotterdam), Loek Radix (Executive director Chemelot) and Frank Kuijpers (General Manager Corporate Sustainability at SABIC) will give their energizing vision on a sustainable industry.

As guests at the talkshow table we invite young professionals Juliana Moretz-Sohn (scientist TNO), Jasper Meijering (Researcher at Clingendael International Energy Programme), Isabel Vermeer (Sitech Services) and Morteza Hadian (PhD TU/e and ARC CBBC).
12.30 - 13.30Lunch
13.30 - 15.00Industrial Transformation. Building back resilient, sustainable and competitive.

On stage amongst others Chantal Jörissen (Director New business development at Niaga), Reinier Grimbergen (Principal Consultant TNO) and Jasper Meijering (Researcher at Clingendael International Energy Programme)

Presented by Brigitte Jacobs (TNO)

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Hydrogen Trail Europe (HYTE)

Talks & Vlogs with travelers and hosts during HYTE early summer this year. What are the lessons?

On stage:
Guido Custers (Gasunie)
Luc Graré (Lhyfe)
Marco Bosch (BASF)
Marc van Doorn (Grupo Fertiberia)
Remco op het Veld (PoR)

Tes Apeldoorn (HYTE traveler)
Carina Nieuwenweg (HYTE traveler)
Leon Rosseau (HYTE traveler)

Moderation: Wim Raaijen (Industrielinqs and HYTE traveler)
13.30u - 14.15u
NH3 & Energy transition: a challenge meeting reality

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14.15u - 15.00u
Energy Efficiency is not an if, it’s a must in the energy transition

On stage Staf Seurinck (Country Managing Director ABB Nederland)

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15.00 - 15.30Pause
15.30 - 17.00Stepping stones for a sustainable future (industry)

On stage amongst others: Dirk Smit (Chief Scientist at Shell), Peter Berben (Senior Research Manager at BASF), Guido Mul (Full professor at the University of Twente) and many more

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Hydrogen Trail Europe (HYTE)

17.00 - 18.15Drinks

Program November 30

9.00 - 10.30How to accelerate transition of raw materials?

We examine the ambitions in this area of Chemelot and other industrial clusters in Europe. What can they learn from each other?

On stage among others:
Loek Radix (Chemelot),
Jasper Meijering (CIEP),
Denis Aarssen (RWE),
Heleen van Wijk (Groningen Seaports),
Marinus Tabak (RWE),
Marco Bosch (BASF) .
Remco op het Veld (PoR), en
Miguel Borralho (Sines Industrial & Logistic Zone), Gregory Claes (Port of Antwerp-Bruges), Niels van der Aar (ARLANXEO), Danny van Ballegoy (AnQore) and several other representatives.

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How can pipeline infrastructure accelerate the industrial transition?

On stage amongst others: Michel Leyseele (Pipelink), Michel Wintraecken (Sabic), Maurice Pelsers (PPS Pipelines), Robert-Jan Berg (Soluforce) and Danny van Gansen (Borealis)

Moderation: Reinier Grimbergen (TNO)

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Energizing Talks
10 minute personal talks on transition.

- Arnold Stokking, managing director Brightsite
- Prof.Hans Kuipers, hoogleraar TU Eindhoven
- Saartje Swinnen,
advisor energy and climate at Essenscia

10.30 - 11.00Pause
11.00 - 12.30How to accelerate transition of raw materials?

We examine the ambitions in this area of Chemelot and other industrial clusters in Europe. What can they learn from each other?

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Recarbonizing the Netherlands

There are various regional industry clusters in the Netherlands where consideration is being given to the possibilities of applying CCU, the reuse of CO2.
TKI Energy and Industry will discuss this subject with Ronald Korstanje (TKI Energie en Industrie), Matthias Heinemann (RuG), Rob Kreiter (TKI Energy and Industry), Petrus Postma (&Flux) en Carol Xiao (ISPT).
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Energizing Talks
10 minute personal talks on transition.

- Peter Rowe, CEO Deep Branche
- Morteza Hadian, PhD TU Eindhoven/ARC CBBC
- Brigitte Jacobs, business developer TNO
11.45u - 12.30u:
The realization of Process Industry Capex projects in an era of transition

On stage
Wouter van Gerwen (Value Engineering Facilitator)
Jeroen Triepels (Regional Director)
Joost Zittema (Consultant Industrial Sustainability)

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12.30 - 13.30Lunch
13.30 - 15.00ELECtro Trail Europe (ELECTE)
Three excellent teams of young professionals - Team RUG, Team Brightsite
and Team TNO - are competing in a white paper contest to join the Electro Trail Europe in 2023.

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13.30u - 14.15u:
Connecting the Dots

Import, Transport and Demand in the hydrogen value chain

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15.00 - 15.30Pause
15.30 - 17.00Dragons' Den of Transition, moderated by Esther van Rijswijk and Wim Raaijen.
Pitching and dealing between innovators and dragons.

The Innovators:
ETB Global
Suncom Energy
Orcan Energy

And the dragons:
Heleen van Wijk (Groningen Seaports) together with Kyra Weaver (NOM)
Marco Waas (Nobian)
Roel van Diepen (InnoEnnergy)
Alice Krekt (Deltalinqs) together with Marjolein Hulsebosch (PoR)
Mary McCarthy (Brightlands Venture Partners)
17.00 - 18.15Drinks