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Industrielinqs pers and platform is a modern publishing and networking platform for the industry. Within our platforms, we build extensive knowledge networks together with partners, members and experts. Quality of information and strong mutual relationships are our priority.

Industrielinqs pers en platform
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Besides the Industry & Energy platform, we have other platforms for the industry: Petrochem and  Industrielinqs.

Our products

  • Industrielinqs magazine focuses on the process industry, energy sector and mutual infrastructure. With the magazine, we connect industrial chains so that they can learn from each other. Important themes are: innovation, energy transition, maintenance and safety.
  • Petrochem magazine is the leading management magazine for the oil and chemical industry in the Rhine/Scheldt delta.
  • Under the flag of the platform, we annually organise several conferences such as The European Industry & Energy Summit, Deltavisie, Eemsdeltavisie, Watervisie and iMaintain Techport
  • Industrielinqs LIVE is a successful online talk show that we broadcast monthly (and sometimes more often). In each broadcast, we talk to experts about a current topic.
  • Besides the knowledge-intensive platforms, Industrielinqs also offers journalistic products and productions such as the Industrielinqs Catalogue. Our experts also organise events on commission, make magazines for third parties or produce other publishing products such as yearbooks and anniversary editions.

You can become a partner or member of our platforms, but you can also become an overall partner or member of Industrielinqs.

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