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Renewable power is defying the Covid crisis

Renewable power is growing robustly around the world this year. Contrasting with the sharp declines triggered by the Covid-19 crisis in many other parts of the energy sector. Such as oil, gas and coal, according to a report from the International Energy Agency.

Sustainable energy

Optimistic Samsom: Only circular economy is decades behind

According to Diederik Samsom, Head of Cabinet of EU commissioner Frans Timmermans, the momentum for a strong European climate policy is better than ever. Offshore wind is doing well, hydrogen is on its way, but the circular economy still seems to be a decade behind. Sense of urgency has yet to come.


First plasma for British fusion reactor

For the first time, after a seven-year build, the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (Mast) Upgrade, has achieved first plasma. All the essential components work together simultaneously.

Sustainable energy

International Geothermal Association moves to The Hague

The International Geothermal Association announces that they will transfer their operating headquarter from Bonn, Germany to The Hague, the Netherlands. This is a landmark decision based on the strategic positioning of geothermal energy as a key enabler of the net-zero future energy mix.


European center wants to accelerate green hydrogen economy

EIT InnoEnergy launched the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC), an unprecedented effort to support the development of an annual €100 billion green hydrogen economy by 2025.