Arctic Princess

Covid-19 crisis highlights LNG’s key role in gas security

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) remains central to ensuring the security of global natural gas supplies. And LNG has played a major role in the sector’s adjustment to the exceptional drop in global gas demand during the first half of 2020. According to the International Energy Agency, who published a new report.

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Europe makes shipping also responsible for climate

Like aviation and land transport, also shipping must drastically reduce CO2 emissions. If it were up to the European Parliament, the maritime transport sector would have to produce at least forty percent fewer emissions annually by 2030. There will also be a special ‘Ocean Fund’ to make ships more energy efficient and to invest in […]

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COVID-19 disrupted oil and gas supply chains

Social distancing is directly affecting global travel, logistics and material handling, as well as potentially creating gaps along the oil and gas supply chain that will take some time to fix, says analytics company GlobalData. The company’s report, ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) Case Study: Impact on Oil & Gas Supply Chain’, notes that global trade and transportation […]

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