Privacy Policy Industrielinqs Pers en Platform B.V.

1. What kind of company is Industrielinqs?

Industrielinqs is located at:

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 155
1021 KP Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 3122 088
Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: 34352159

Industrielinqs press and platform B.V. is a modern publishing and networking platform for the industry.

Our platforms and products:

– The Industry & Energy Community, The Petrochem platform, the iMaintain platform and Het Nieuwe Produceren. Most platforms have their own magazine, annual conferences and internet sites. With partners, members and experts, Industrielinqs builds extensive knowledge networks within these platforms, in which the quality of the information and strong mutual relationships are paramount. – Besides the knowledge-intensive platforms, Industrielinqs also has separate products, such as catalogues and yearbooks, such as the Industrielinqs Catalogue, the Maintenance NEXT Catalogue and the InfraTech Catalogue. The company can also organize events, make magazines or other publishing products on commission.

2. Who is the data protection officer at Industrielinqs?

Industrielinqs is not obliged to appoint a data protection officer. Given the nature and size of the company, Industrielinqs has also not chosen to voluntarily appoint a data protection officer. For any questions and/or comments, please contact one of our employees at the following address:

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 155
1021 KP Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 3122 088

3. What is the purpose and legal basis for the use of personal data by Industrielinqs?

Your data will be used:

  • – to register participation in events;
  • – for memberships / partnerships;
  • – for logos in newsletters and on sites;
  • – in catalogues for third parties;
  • – for invoicing your subscription, membership, partnership, conference participation or other orders;
  • – for sending your magazine or your order;
  • – to make you an offer for a new subscription or product or to invite you for one of our events;
  • – to send you our newsletter. Of course, we only do this when you price on the essay.

The websites of Industrielinqs are:,,,

4. What is the publisher’s legitimate interest?

The legitimate interest (legal term) for the storage and preservation of your personal data consists of the fact that it is impossible for the publisher and for Industrielinqs to deliver your magazine on time or to execute your order properly without having your address and payment details.

For our congresses, we register who is participating in order to guarantee a place for each registered participant and to keep you informed of all information concerning the congress. During the congress the names of the participants are available for inspection at the registration desk, there are no contact details. Of course, your details will also be used for correct invoicing.

After participating in the congress we will use your data to send you one of our journals.

5. Which other parties come into the possession of my personal data through Industrielinqs and why is that?

Besides Industrielinqs the following parties receive – pieces of – your personal data:

Party    ReasonRole
Shipping house and/or the printerWill take care of preparing your magazine for shipmentProcessor  
Sand, PostNL, Bpost, DHLHandles the distribution of your magazine or orderProcessor  
Telemarketing agencyproposes a subscriptionProcessor
BankProcesses the payment of the subscription or orderProcessor  
Collection agencyOnly when the order or subscription is not paid forProcessor  
JetvertisingProvides sales advertisements in the magazines, on the websites or newslettersProcessor  

Only if you live outside the EU will your address details end up outside the EU. This is necessary to send your magazine or order.

6. How long will my data be stored?

As long as your subscription, membership or partnership runs, your personal data that we need to manage your subscription or process your order will be stored in the systems of Industrielinqs. Industrielinqs adheres to the fiscal legislation to keep all administration for at least 7 years.

7. Can I access, modify or delete my personal information at Industrielinqs?

For many questions you can visit the website If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can also contact us – after you have identified yourself – by phone, on working days from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Our telephone number is: 020-3122088.

You can also request and correct your data by e-mail. You can also send us changes of address in this way. Our e-mail address is:

You can also come to our office and – if necessary assisted by one of our employees – view or correct your own data. Of course this is only possible by appointment. At your request, we can also remove or

transfer your data to other parties. However, the removal of your data is subject to the condition that you no longer have accounts open with Industrielinqs or one of its sister companies.

The deletion of your data will of course take place within the framework of the law (i.e. the tax authorities).

8. Can I object to the processing of (part of) my personal data at Industrielinqs?

If you object to the processing of all or part of your personal data, you can indicate this in the same way as described in the paragraph above. We will, if desired, remove or adjust your data. Of course, we can then no longer guarantee a proper delivery of your magazine or your order. You can also no longer appeal to the services Industrielinqs normally provides to subscribers and members. We will also inform other parties of your restrictions on the processing of your data, in case we pass on your data to them.

9. Can I withdraw my consent at Industrielinqs?

If you have given Industrielinqs permission or authorised Industrielinqs to do so, you can always come back to this. It almost always concerns one of the cases below:

  • – An authorisation for your payment by direct debit
  • – Non-renewal of your subscription, membership or partnership (cancellation)
  • – Receiving offers from other parties (opt-in applications)
  • – You no longer wish to receive our newsletter
  • – You no longer want to be contacted by phone with offers (telemarketing)
  • – You no longer wish to receive commercial printed or digital mail from Industrielinqs (print e-mailings).
  • If there are legal time limits for withdrawing your consent, we will, of course, apply them. (e.g. Dam’s Law)

10. Where can I file a complaint?

Do you think you have a well-founded complaint and will you and Industrielinqs really not get out of it? Then you can file a complaint with the Personal Data Authority (AP for short). On this website you can submit a complaint:

11. How does Industrielinqs get my personal data?

In order to take out a subscription or place an order, you have to provide your personal data via website, in writing, in person (for example at a trade fair) or by telephone. We can also receive your data via trade fairs if you have asked for a trial shipment of one of our magazines or the digital newsletter.

Personal data is stored at Industrielinqs in the CRM system Insightly. In this system it is made clear by means of labels how Industrielinqs received your data or what your data is kept for. Examples are;

conference visitors, experts of our platforms, contacts of memberships or partnerships, editorial relations or advertisers.

12. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website. The main function of cookies is to distinguish one user from another. You will therefore often come across cookies on websites that require you to log in.

Many websites also use cookies that are not necessary, but useful. For example, so that you can give feedback or share messages on social media. Or to be able to show relevant advertisements on third party websites. By clicking ‘Akkoord’ (Approved), you agree to the placement of these cookies.

13. What does Industrielinqs do with cookies?

We ask you to agree to the use of cookies on our websites. Some cookies are placed to make the website work properly, so that you can stay logged in and pay, for example. Industrielinqs does not place more cookies than strictly necessary.

Privacy Statement Industrielinqs press and platform B.V. (version 1.0 – AVG)

14. Are my personal data properly secured at Industrielinqs?

Your data at Industrielinqs are well protected against data breaches and unlawful processing. This happens in 3 ways, namely by:

a. Technical measures;

Passwords, encryption of data, firewalls, secure internet connections, separate networks, periodic pen tests and double systems.

b. Organisational measures

Restriction of access rights, segregation of duties, four-eye systems, confidentiality clauses, screening, training and awareness-raising of employees and escalation scenarios.

c. Security in the software

When developing (new) software, account is taken of the privacy guidelines set out in the European General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), which comes into force in May 2018.

15. What is automated decision making

In automated decision-making, you are assigned to a certain category on the basis of a profile. Examples of profiles here are: conference visitor, advertiser or expert.

Automated decision-making is permitted when entering into or executing an agreement (for example, a subscription). Automated decision-making is prohibited when it has far-reaching (financial) adverse consequences, such as, for example, refusing a mortgage.

17. Does Industrielinqs engage in automated decision-making?

Industrielinqs uses automated decision making almost exclusively for the proper and correct execution of subscription management. For the execution of an agreement.

Privacy Statement Industrielinqs press and platform B.V. (version 1.0 – AVG)