Recap Summit 2021

Despite the COVID-measures the partners of the European Industry & Energy Summit managed to create a program that inspired the live and online audience. We hope we can inspire a lot more industrial, political and scientific stakeholders to take major leaps in decarbonation of the industry and energy production and supply. So please feel free to watch the inspiring side events, break outs, keynotes and even a contest and share it with your colleagues.

Courageous it is anyway. Watch the personal talk by top executive Hans van den Berg of Tata Steel Netherlands. ‘We are changing. But we have not been fast enough in taking steps in the right direction to improve the livability of our environment,’ he admitted.

Honored that we had Melanie Maas-Brunner as the opening speaker EIES2021. The CTO of BASF shared the chemical giant’s ambitious plans in the areas of electrification, hydrogen and circular processes. And it’s great that the world’s largest chemical company is asking for partners to help it achieve its climate targets. Because you can’t do it on your own.

‘People are our raw material’, professor Bert Weckhuysen stated during EIES2021. As a professor at Utrecht University, he wants to educate people who are connective.’ They have to be connectors who are able to connect society, industry, us.’

And we had a lot more partners with break outs and side events in Studio 1. Watch day two with: FME, Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) and ARC CBBC.