Lhyfe inaugurates world’s first offshore hydrogen production facility

Hydrogen HYTE

France – Today hydrogen producer Lhyfe inaugurated its offshore renewable green hydrogen production demonstrator in Saint-Nazaire. The project marks the first time that hydrogen will be produced at sea. The installation has the capacity to produce up to 400 kg of renewable green hydrogen a day, equivalent to 1MW of power.

The Sealhyfe platform is starting an 18-month experimental period on the offshore testing site. Producing hydrogen using offshore wind turbines could allow countries with a coastline to access renewable green hydrogen, produced locally and in industrial quantities, to decarbonise transportation and industry.

Hydrogen Trail Europe

During our Hydrogen Trail Europe, we already got a sneak preview of the pilot plant. Watch the vlog.

Through this pilot site, Lhyfe will produce the first kilograms of renewable green hydrogen at quay and then at sea, operating automatically, in the most extreme conditions. The production unit is based on a floating platform, connected to a floating wind turbine.


At the end of this trial, Lhyfe will have a substantial volume of data, which should allow it to design mature offshore production systems, and to deploy robust and proven technologies on a large scale, in keeping with the EU’s objective to produce 10 million tonnes a year of renewable hydrogen by 2030.

Matthieu Guesné, chairman and CEO and founder of Lhyfe: ‘By paving the way for the mass production of renewable hydrogen at sea, Sealhyfe is fully in line with the EU’s strategy to deploy an offshore hydrogen chain, and wishes to help build the energy sovereignty of countries.’


Guesné is one of the keynote speakers at European Industry and Energy Summit 2022, November 29th and 30th at Brightlands Chemelot Campus (Southern Netherlands).

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