EIES21: Decarbonizing the industry with SEWGS


Tuesday December 7th 12.00 – 12.45, Rotterdam Ahoy

The SEWGS process is a revolutionary Dutch combination technology that converts synthesis gas into hydrogen and carbon dioxide in one reactor. A solid adsorbent material in the reactor separates the carbon dioxide directly from the hydrogen gas. This combination ensures a more energy-efficient conversion, while the SEWEGS technology also removes more CO2 than conventional techniques.

TNO has already successfully tested the functioning of the SEWG process in practice. In the Stepwise project supported by the European Union, 14 tons of CO2 were captured every day from the Swedish steel producer SSAB.

TNO demonstrates online and live the SEWGS pilot set-up at SSAB in Sweden and Soledad van Eijk, Siebe van der Veer (Kisuma) and Joey Dobrée (Stamicarbon) discuss the opportunities offered by the technology for the steel industry and the refining sector.

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