EIES21: Electrification in industry – The questions no one dares to ask

Electrification Summit

Tuesday December 7th 15.15 – 16.45h, Rotterdam Ahoy

This side event will be Dutch spoken – If we take the recently launched Electrification Roadmap in hand and move from A to B, everything will be fine. Right? Unfortunately, electrification does not happen just like that. The roadmap shows the tremendous need for electrification in industry. We can’t do without it, if we don’t want to overshoot 1.5 degrees of global warming. So what does it take to kickstart that electrification? Where is the pain for those involved?

During this side event at the European Industry & Energy Summit from 15.15-16.45h on December 7th, TKI Energie en Industrie will discuss this topic with society, industry, government, network operators and the environmental movement. Discussion leader Laureen Peskens challenges all parties with stimulating statements. On stage: Rob Kreiter (director TKI Energie en Industrie), Ed Buddenbaum (Topsector Energie/EZK), Jan van der Lee (TenneT) Marnix van Alphen (Vattenfall) Albert Keukens (Shin-Etsu) and Michelle Prins (Natuur en Milieu).

Download the roadmap (Dutch only)