CTO BASF calls for a fundamental change in thinking

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Germany/The Netherlands – ‘We are facing a huge transformation. We cannot do this on our own,’ Melanie Maas-Brunner stated last week in her opening talk at EIES2021. The CTO of chemical company BASF also thinks that a fundamental change in thinking is needed to achieve the climate goals. Watch the talk now.

‘To make the world a sustainable place, a strong commitment is needed from all stakeholders, citizens, politicians and industry. As an industry we need strong partners in the chain. And we need a lot of renewable energy, the right infrastructure and the right cost structure,’ she stated among other things.

Verbund site

In an interview earlier this month she argued that many solutions are needed to make chemical production sites CO2-neutral. According to her, the chemical giant’s Antwerp site will be the first BASF Verbund site in Europe to be completely transformed. Its location offers unique opportunities for the use of offshore wind and large-scale storage of CO2.

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