Enova supports INOVYN’s hydrogen project in Norway


Norway – At Rafnes in Vestfold and Telemark, INEOS’ subsidiary INOVYN plans to build one of Norway’s first hydrogen plants based on water electrolysis.

Enova has agreed to fund the pre-project with NOK 10 million. INOVN produces caustic soda, chlorine, and vinyl chloride monomer at its Rafnes facility. The company intends to construct a 20MW electrolyser that will produce pure hydrogen and oxygen from water electrolysis using renewable energy. The project will reduce CO2 emissions by 22,000 tons and the carbon footprint of INEOS’ Norwegian operations.


The project’s technology development focuses on integrating the water electrolyser without interfering with the petrochemical process at hand. Individual technologies such as water electrolysis, oxychlorination, and the fuel gas system must all work together with high reliability for the project to succeed. This will necessitate process control innovation, testing, and the development of new models and systems.

Enova initially contributes NOK 10 million to the pre-project. INOVYN is working on a major project to purchase an electrolyzer that will generate hydrogen and oxygen. INOVYN has announced that, in addition to designing and installing the water electrolysis unit as part of the main project, it will also investigate the possibility of producing hydrogen for the transportation sector.

European initiative

INEOS has announced that it will invest more than €2 billion in electrolysis projects across Europe to produce zero-carbon, green hydrogen. The company’s first plants will be built in Norway (Project Aquarius), Germany, and Belgium, with plans to invest in the United Kingdom and France as well.