Finnish Chempolis and Indian EIL to convert biomass into green fuels


Finland/IndiaEngineers India Limited (EIL) and Chempolis Oy, Finland, have formed a strategic partnership to convert biomass into green fuels.

This agreement will pave the way for future business development in the sunshine sector of Renewables, specifically Cellulosic 2G Ethanol Technology. This is a significant milestone for EIL in expanding its wings beyond its robust Oil & Gas portfolio and continues the journey towards building the nation’s future towards Net Zero.

This agreement also paves the way for Chempolis to bring to the country innovation and technology in the field of green and renewable products.

Biomass-based fuels are a promising alternative for supplementing fossil fuels in the transition to a sustainable energy future in the changing global energy landscape. Furthermore, biomass can be used to create value-added products such as phenolic resins, which have the potential to replace many products derived from fossil fuels. The GoI has also set a target of 20 percent ethanol blending in gasoline by 2025. Many biomass-based product facilities are expected to be built in India and around the world in the coming years to meet the demand for green products. Furthermore, both organizations operate in the Indian subcontinent market and offer complementary products and/or services; thus, this collaboration will add value in presenting synergized and regulatory-compliant products and services to end customers in the Indian subcontinent.