Flemish minister grants permit for Ineos’ Project One


Belgium – Flemish Minister of the Environment, Zuhal Demir, has granted the environmental permit for Ineos’ Project ONE in the port of Antwerp. This decision allows Ineos to proceed with the construction of its ethane cracker.

Last summer, the environmental permit faced a setback when it was withdrawn following a lawsuit from the Province of North Brabant. The Province argued that Ineos had not sufficiently researched the consequences of nitrogen emissions in the Brabantse Wal nature reserve. In response, Ineos conducted an extensive investigation, addressing the concerns raised. The company’s renewed file meets the required conditions, leading to the reconfirmation of the environmental permit.

Minister Zuhal emphasized the importance of legal certainty.”She added that the environmental permit is granted based on the present file, appropriate assessment, and conditionally favorable advice. A new permit would be issued once the nitrogen decree receives final approval.

Sustainability goals

The environmental permit outlines specific conditions for Ineos, offering clarity on the project’s sustainability goals:

  • Climate Neutrality: Ineos must make the operation of the ethane cracker climate-neutral within 10 years after start-up, provided the necessary technologies are available.
  • Transparency: Ineos is required to publish a report every two years detailing progress toward climate neutrality.
  • Emission Standards: Strict adherence to discharge standards to groundwater and other emission and discharge standards is mandated.

The ethane cracker at the heart of Project ONE is positioned as the most sustainable of its kind, according to Ineos. Carbon emissions are claimed to be three times lower than the average European cracker, and compared to the top ten percent of the best-performing plants in Europe, the new Ineos cracker emits less than half.

Ineos envisions the new ethane cracker to be operational by the end of 2026, creating 450 new jobs in the process.

Wim Raaijen
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