ABN AMRO invests in hydrogen tech


The Netherlands – ABN AMRO is investing in the Clean Hydrogen Equipment Fund, managed by Hy24. The fund is dedicated to channeling investments into clean hydrogen technologies.

The financial injection from ABN AMRO signifies more than just monetary support. It reflects the bank’s strategic vision to contribute to the burgeoning hydrogen economy, a critical component in the larger framework of combating climate change. By backing the Clean Hydrogen Equipment Fund, ABN AMRO positions itself as a catalyst for the growth of companies at the forefront of clean hydrogen innovation.

The fund’s management by Hy24, a specialized clean hydrogen investment company, ensures that the investments are directed toward projects and technologies with the potential to scale and reshape the energy landscape. Clean hydrogen has emerged as a linchpin in achieving net-zero emissions, and ABN AMRO’s financial endorsement underscores its commitment to fostering technologies that can make a tangible impact.

Net-zero economy

The investment is a direct manifestation of ABN AMRO’s climate strategy, unveiled at the close of 2022, which outlines the bank’s ambition to support the transition to a ‘net-zero economy’ by 2050. As part of this commitment, ABN AMRO is injecting one billion into early-stage capital, distributed across direct investments, fund investments, and hybrid capital. This financial infusion is geared toward financing the pivotal shift toward a carbon-free economy.

Beyond the financial support, ABN AMRO’s investment in the Clean Hydrogen Equipment Fund provides a substantial boost in terms of knowledge and network. This strategic move amplifies the bank’s existing hydrogen activities, positioning it as a key player in the evolving landscape of sustainable finance.

Wim Raaijen
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