Equinor and Linde join forces for low-carbon hydrogen initiative


The Netherlands – Equinor and Linde have inked a project development agreement to bring the H2M Eemshaven low carbon hydrogen project to life in the Netherlands.

The collaborative effort aims to establish a cutting-edge facility in the Eemshaven industrial area, leveraging natural gas from the Norwegian continental shelf to produce low-carbon hydrogen. Central to the initiative is the integration of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, ensuring that over 95 percent of the generated CO2 is securely and permanently stored beneath the seabed offshore Norway. Equinor will facilitate access to carbon transport and storage capacity, offering the produced low-carbon hydrogen to the market. Linde, in turn, will take charge of constructing, co-owning, and operating the hydrogen production and CCS facility.

Ambitious target

The partners have set an ambitious target, aiming to commence production by late 2028. This timeline underscores the urgency and commitment to advancing low-carbon hydrogen solutions. The interconnectedness of the hydrogen plant with planned onshore pipelines positions the initiative as a cornerstone in reshaping the European energy landscape.

The H2M Eemshaven project not only contributes to cleaner energy but sets a precedent for collaborative efforts in advancing sustainable solutions for the continent.

Wim Raaijen
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