Südpack’s investment in Carboliq’s circular liquid resource


Germany – Südpack has acquired additional shares of Carboliq GmbH and appointed Dirk Hardow as Managing Director.

This strategic maneuver signifies Südpack’s unwavering commitment to advancing a closed-loop system for plastics, with a particular emphasis on chemical recycling as a complementary technology. Dirk Hardow, already at the forefront of developing closed-loop models as the Manager of the BU FF&C, will now lead Carboliq as its managing director, propelling the company into a new era.

With this acquisition, Südpack solidifies its leading position in the flexible packaging industry’s circular economy landscape. Notably, Südpack stands out as the sole manufacturer with direct access to chemical recycling capacities, setting it apart in the race for sustainable packaging solutions.

Carboliq process

At the core of this strategic move is Carboliq’s advanced thermo-chemical process, often referred to as direct oiling. What distinguishes Carboliq from other pyrolysis technologies is its remarkable flexibility regarding infeed materials. Unlike traditional processes limited to polyolefins, Carboliq can efficiently convert various plastics, including flexible packaging and complex multilayer films.

The Carboliq process operates at a lower temperature, below 400°C, showcasing its efficiency in converting materials with relatively low energy consumption.

Pilot projects

Pilot projects with customers have already demonstrated the efficacy of Carboliq technology, and Dirk Hardow anticipates its pivotal role in meeting upcoming regulatory requirements, especially in the context of the Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). The Carboliq plant, designed for approximately 10,000 tons annual output, introduces a secondary raw material named CLR (Circular Liquid Resource), akin to fossil oil and its derivatives.

As Dirk Hardow takes the reins, he envisions exciting customers about the technology and firmly establishing the Carboliq process in the market. Hardow emphasizes the necessity of a diverse mix of technologies for a successful transition to a circular economy, stressing that relying solely on mechanical recycling may not suffice.

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