New green hydrogen project comes to UK’s Teesside


United KingdomProtium, the UK’s top green hydrogen energy firm, has secured a spot on the Wilton Universal Group’s Teesside property, making it the area’s largest announced green hydrogen project to date.

The initiative, which solidifies Teesside’s status as the UK’s premier green hydrogen zone, intends to provide green jobs and economic prospects for the local community and region.

The site’s current plans call for up to 40MW of electrolysis capacity to be completed in two phases, including hydrogen storage. The construction of a hydrogen production facility will give Protium with the infrastructure required to generate renewable green hydrogen energy, with ambitions to serve local manufacturers once it is completed.

The project will feature the creation of green hydrogen storage to enable Teesside’s largest PEM electrolyzer, allowing local industrial and logistics sectors to shift away from natural gas and diesel energy sources.

The project, subject to planning and engineering work, will be finished by 2026, providing jobs during construction and long-term employment throughout operation.

Why choose Teesside?

As part of the ‘build back greener’ campaign, the UK government announced a £3 million investment in March 2021 to develop Tees Valley as the UK’s first ever hydrogen transport hub, which may create up to 5,000 new employment.

Furthermore, as part of the March 2021 UK Spring Budget, Tees Valley was named as one of the first and largest locations in the UK to be granted Freeport status. Because of these two factors, Protium believes there is enormous value in securing strategic land parcels in the area and assisting in the creation of a ‘hub’ infrastructure project, which will position Protium in a prime position to provide green hydrogen to surrounding off-takers as well as the ability to tap into the maritime market.

The proposed facility would be located at Wilton Universal Group’s site, which is near to the River Tees and is part of the Tees Valley Freeport. Wilton Universal Group has purchased 58 acres of land and infrastructure at Haverton Hill, which adjoins its current Port Clarence Offshore Base, bringing its total site size to 112 acres in order to grow its own operations and welcome additional companies such as Protium.