NextChem and Engie partner on Salamandre project in France


France – NextChem, through its subsidiary NextChem Tech, has secured a new contract from Engie for the pre-front-end engineering design (Pre-FEED) of the gasification and methanation of waste wood, coupled with the implementation of a carbon capture unit for the Salamandre project in Normandy, France.

This contract comes on the heels of the successful completion of the advanced basic engineering study, announced in April 2023, focused on the gasification of waste wood and the purification system of the syngas to produce second-generation biomethane. NextChem’s role extends to the preliminary evaluation and estimate of the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) activities for the complete gasification and methanation package, along with relevant utilities and ancillary units. These evaluations are pivotal components of Engie’s Final Investment Decision (FID).

Salamandre project

The Salamandre project is poised to become a trailblazer in the sustainable energy landscape, aiming to produce 20 MW equivalent of biomethane. What sets this initiative apart is the method of biomethane production – through the pyro-gasification of waste wood. Once generated, this biomethane will be seamlessly injected into the grid, marking one of the pioneering industrial endeavors of its kind worldwide.

As Europe continues to emphasize sustainable practices and cleaner energy sources, the Salamandre project emerges as a beacon of innovation. Not only does it contribute to the reduction of waste wood, but it also harnesses cutting-edge technology to transform it into a valuable energy resource. The project aligns seamlessly with the European Union’s ambitious environmental goals, emphasizing the significance of creating energy solutions that minimize environmental impact.