Infinity Recycling invests in Ioniqa’s PET transformation

Circular economy

The Netherlands – Ioniqa Technologies B.V., a pioneer in advanced PET Polyester recycling, has received a substantial growth investment from Infinity Recycling’s Circular Plastics Fund.

This strategic infusion aims to fast-track the expansion and deployment of Ioniqa’s innovative technology, which holds the key to transforming low-grade post-consumer plastic waste into a high-quality feedstock with virgin-like properties.

Ioniqa’s technology specializes in upcycling challenging, colored post-consumer plastic waste into a feedstock suitable for high-quality food-grade applications. The breakthrough lies in its ability to process PET waste currently deemed non-recyclable, offering a sustainable solution to address a significant environmental concern. The company has demonstrated this technology in a Dutch industrial production facility and is poised to bring it to market through a strategic licensing partnership with Koch Technology Solutions.

Strategic investment

Infinity Recycling, through its Circular Plastics Fund, provides growth capital to companies contributing to the establishment of a circular economy for plastics. Ioniqa’s enhanced recycling solution, known for its cost efficiency, complements existing technologies, catalyzing the overall scale-up of the recycling industry. This investment underscores a commitment to advancing circular solutions that combat plastic pollution.

The financial backing from Infinity Recycling positions Ioniqa to launch industrial licenses globally, expanding its reach and impact. Furthermore, the investment enables Ioniqa to diversify its feedstock processing capabilities by incorporating Polyester fibers.

Wim Raaijen
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