TECO 2030 and partners start second EU Horizon project


Norway – TECO 2030, a Norwegian fuel cell powerhouse, has secured a €13.5 million EU Horizon grant for ZEAS (Zero Emission Adriatic Ship), a project poised to propel hydrogen-powered ships into the mainstream.

This initiative, partnered with 13 European heavyweights, aims to demonstrate the viability and environmental benefits of hydrogen fuel cells for marine propulsion, paving the way for a cleaner future on the open waters.

ZEAS envisions a full-scale hydrogen fuel cell-powered vessel, tailor-made for the sensitive ecosystem of the Adriatic Sea. This isn’t just about zero emissions; it’s about showcasing the practicality and safety of clean alternative fuels in maritime transport.

Beyond the hull

ZEAS isn’t just about building a ship; it’s about building an entire ecosystem. From designing and constructing the vessel to developing comprehensive hydrogen distribution and bunkering solutions, the project leaves no stone unturned. Stringent testing and certification ensure the ship’s seaworthiness and compliance with environmental regulations.

Embracing the digital age, ZEAS incorporates cutting-edge technology. Digital twins will provide real-time monitoring, control, and simulation, while augmented reality systems will revolutionize maintenance and operations. By rigorously testing and optimizing these technologies, the project aims to empower shipowners, operators, and shipyards to embrace the digital future of maritime cleantech.

Lurssen Design Center Kvarner, Jadrolinija, DNV Greece, and a consortium of other industry leaders join forces with TECO 2030, bringing expertise from across the innovation spectrum. This collaborative spirit not only strengthens the project but also paves the way for broader adoption of hydrogen-powered vessels across the globe.

Wim Raaijen
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