Dutch company provides biogas plants in Belgium and Ukraine


Belgium/UkraineDutch HoSt has received two new biogas plant orders.

A 350 Nm3/hr plant in Fontenoy, Belgium and a 3 MWe plant in Tsjernihiv, Ukraine. Both projects are due to be commissioned in Q4 of 2021.

Fontenoy plant

The new plant in Fontenoy, a town just above the southern Belgium border, will be built at a sugar factory on behalf of sugar organization Finasucre. Beet residues, such as beet tops, are anaerobically digested to produce 350 Nm3 biogas per hour during the sugar beet campaign. After a cleaning step, thegas is directly applied in Finasucre’s sugar production process which contributes to a sustainable sugar manufacturing and a greater independency of fossil natural gas.

Tsjernihiv plant

In cooperation with partner Pro-Energy, HoSt will construct a 3 MWe biogas plant in Tsjernihiv in northern Ukraine. HoSt is responsible for the engineering, technology and main equipment. The installation will produce renewable heat and electricity from crops harvested on currently fallow land.