Aker Carbon Capture awarded carbon capture study in Germany

Biobased CCUS

Germany – Aker Carbon Capture has been awarded a feasibility study to implement carbon capture at a biomass combined heat and power (CHP) facility in Germany.

The planned capture capacity will be 250,000 tonnes CO2 per year. For this project, Aker Carbon Capture aims to deliver its standardized Just Catch modular product.

The study will assess the optimal CO2 capture, conditioning, liquefaction, and temporary storage facility as well as the heat recovery potential and heat integration solutions. This will reduce the total heating and cooling demands related to capturing and conditioning of the CO2.

Carbon capture implementation

If the feasibility study is successful, the implementation of carbon capture at the biomass CHP facility in Germany would have a significant impact on the country’s efforts to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. The project would also help to advance the development and deployment of carbon capture technology on a global scale.

Aker Carbon Capture’s Just Catch modular product is designed to make carbon capture more accessible and affordable for mid-scale emitters.

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