Rotterdam and Oslo partner to fuel shipping with green hydrogen

Hydrogen Sustainable energy

The Netherlands/Norway – The City of Rotterdam and the City of Oslo have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a groundbreaking Green Corridor for short sea shipping.

This initiative will be powered by Samskip’s next-generation zero-emission SeaShuttle vessels, signaling a strong commitment from two of Europe’s leading hub ports to expedite the green transition in short sea shipping. Additionally, this partnership is a vital part of the preparations for the introduction of Samskip’s green hydrogen-fueled container ships.


The cornerstone of this green corridor will be two of Samskip’s next-generation zero-emission SeaShuttles, pioneering zero-emission short sea container vessels globally by employing green hydrogen as their primary fuel source. The operation is set to encompass weekly service loops between Rotterdam and ports in the Oslofjord region, effectively establishing true end-to-end corridor services.

This strategic collaboration between the cities of Rotterdam and Oslo and Samskip’s visionary use of zero-emission SeaShuttles sets a remarkable precedent for the transformation of short sea shipping. It underscores the urgent need for greener logistics and sustainable transportation options to meet the decarbonization targets of the years to come.