Eni and Saipem partner to develop new biorefineries


Italy – Eni and Saipem have agreed to collaborate on biorefining development. Alessandro Puliti, CEO of Saipem, and Giuseppe Ricci, Chief Operating Officer for Energy Evolution at Eni, inked the deal to assist the development of new Eni biorefineries as well as the transformation route of conventional refineries.

The deal aligns with Eni and Saipem’s decarbonization objectives and centers on the investigation and eventual building of facilities for the generation of biojet, an environmentally friendly aviation fuel, and biofuel HVO diesel, which is made entirely of renewable raw materials. HVO diesel, also known as HVOlution, is available for purchase at Enilive service stations and is suitable for use in rail, road, and marine transportation.


Under the terms of the agreement, Saipem’s unique experience in the design and construction of these kinds of plants will be combined with Eni’s vast technological and operational experience in the development of new biorefineries as well as the conversion of existing refineries using Eni’s proprietary Ecofining technology.

By 2030, Eni wants to increase its annual biorefining capacity from 1.65 million tons to over 5 million tons.

Wim Raaijen
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