Astra Energy gets rights to proprietary waste-to-energy tech


United StatesAstra Energy, a renewable and waste-to-energy project developer and technology acquisition firm, has signed a deal for the rights to a proprietary waste-to-energy technology with Regreen Technologies and Global Sustainable Technologies.

According to the terms of the deal, Astra will have indefinite exclusivity to deploy the technology in the following regions: Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, and Canada. Astra Energy will also be given first priority for equipment procurement and delivery. The pilot project in Huntington Beach, California, to demonstrate a working model of the system, is nearing completion.

Kermit Harris, president of Astra Energy said: “The technology is significant because it has the capacity to convert many forms of waste into low to zero emission biofuel products, syngas and clean electricity, making it the perfect solution for a biofuel blend that can clean the current emissions created by fossil fuels.”

Wim Raaijen
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