Which Dragon is helping DOPS’ mixed waste recycling pilot?

Chemcycling Circular economy Summit

The Netherlands – The conversion of heterogeneous waste streams into chemical building blocks. Without emissions and affordable too. On December 8, technostarter DOPS is looking for Dragons who can enable the development of a pilot plant. The company is also looking for coaching on its growth ambitions.

Innovation requires daring to look over the fence more than once. So did the founders of tech startup DOPS Recycling Technology. A technology that was developed some time ago for the production of coke in the steel industry had not yet been applied there. Direct Carbon Immobilization (DCI), however, turned out to be an excellent basis for recycling heterogeneous organic waste.

Raw materials

It is a process based on pyrolysis and high temperatures. In two steps, the DCI technology converts heterogeneous waste streams into building blocks for chemistry. In particular, syngas from hydrogen and carbon monoxide, but also solid carbon, metals and minerals.
A major advantage of the process is no pre-separation of organic waste is required. It is literally an omnivore. Biomass, plastic waste, paper, agro-food residues, sewage sludge and all mixtures containing these components; the process converts everything into usable raw materials.
According to Wiebe Pronker, one of the four founders of DOPS, this can be done in an affordable way. And importantly, the process has no emissions of CO2 or nitrogen compounds. And it effortlessly breaks down PFAS and also, for example, dioxins. DOPS is currently conducting extensive experiments in the laboratory.

Request for help

Meanwhile, DOPS is also working on the next steps. Wiebe Pronker: ‘We are designing a test reactor the size of a 20ft container. We want to use this to demonstrate our technology to our potential customers in realistic environments. Therefore we are looking for funding for the development, construction and initial operation of this pilot plant. We expect to need a budget of at least of two million euros.’
DOPS is also seeking other assistance. ‘In parallel, we are looking for coaching for a triple digit annual growth trajectory. To spread our technology in the Netherlands and also internationally.’


Dragons’ Den of Transition is the closing event of European Industry and Energy Summit 2021 (EIES2021). More information on the event on 7 and 8 December in Rotterdam Ahoy.

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