Wärtsilä boosts bioLNG plant output in Sweden


Sweden – Wärtsilä is set to enhance the bioLNG production capacity of a Swedish plant owned by Tekniska Verken, a municipality-owned company renowned for its leadership in biogas and bioLNG production.

The extension project, located in Linköping, aims to increase the daily production of bioLNG from 20 to an impressive 45 tons, reaffirming Sweden’s commitment to eco-friendly alternatives in the transportation sector and industry.

Wärtsilä’s role encompasses the supply, installation, commissioning, and initiation of biogas upgrading and liquefaction units for the extended plant. The technology group, known for its innovative solutions, previously supplied equipment for an existing biomethane and bioLNG facility at the same location. The upgraded processing solution will incorporate Wärtsilä’s patented VAC vacuum technology option in the upgrader, providing enhanced flexibility for heat supply, allowing the utilization of district heating network-provided process heat.

The positive experience with Wärtsilä’s existing plant laid the foundation for this expansion project. The aim is to contribute significantly to the global shift towards sustainable practices, particularly in reducing carbon emissions.

BioLNG production process

The plant’s primary source for biomethane production is organic waste, including food waste, and wastewater treatment residue from the municipality. The bioLNG derived from these sources serves as a sustainable fuel for the transportation sector and industry within Sweden. Tekniska Verken’s subsidiaries operate bioLNG filling stations, forming a circular business model that is fully renewable and, depending on the feedstock, can even be carbon negative.

The scope of Wärtsilä’s involvement includes its Puregas biogas upgrading system, Mixed Refrigerant (MR) biogas liquefaction solution, a 250 m3 storage tank, an export station, and a Boil Off Gas (BOG) module. The biogas upgrading system has the capacity to supply biomethane to the local biogas grid. Scheduled for delivery in December 2024, the Wärtsilä equipment anticipates the new plant’s operational commencement in the first half of 2025.

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