SSE provides traceable renewable energy for COP26 in UK


United KingdomCOP26 is powered entirely by renewable energy provided by SSE’s Griffin Wind Farm in Perthshire.

The energy supplied to the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) venues hosting the summit has been tracked back to the Scottish wind farm, proving that the mains energy utilized by participants is 100% Scottish and renewable.

All three COP26 permanent locations on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow are powered by SSE Energy Solutions. Because renewable energy can be traced back to specific wind farms run by SSE Renewables, the business has been able to establish the exact origin of the summit’s power supply.

The Scottish Event Campus (SEC) consists of five interconnected exposition halls, a 3,000-seat auditorium, and a 14,300-seat arena. As part of its long-term sustainability goal, the campus converted to 100 percent green energy in 2020. The SEC’s commitment to traceable, renewable electricity demonstrates the growing desire among corporations to know where their energy comes from.

Many businesses are aligning with COP26 objectives to combat climate change by setting ambitious sustainability goals in the face of rising demand from shareholders, consumers, and employees. SSE is not used to power the temporary structures erected during COP26.