Wanted: Innovators and Dragons for Dragons’ Den of Transition


Europe – After a succesfull edition at EIES22, we are looking for both dragons and innovators for the 2nd Dragons’ Den of Transition (DDoT). During the closing of the European Industry and Energy Summit 2022 on November 30th at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, they can make deals to support interesting energy innovations. Sign up now as a dragon or innovator!

With DDoT22 the organization of EIES22 wants to provide a stage for hopeful innovations in the field of European industrial transformation and also help them along the way. These are innovations from start-ups, for example, that could use a boost to reach maturity. The need can be financial, but also support in the areas of marketing, networking, entrepreneurship, business development and more. That is the role of the dragons.


During the last day part of the two-day Summit, on Wednesday afternoon December 8, five selected companies can pitch their innovations to Dragons, representatives of development companies, harbor authorities, funds, governments, banks and/or investment companies. They can respond to the pitches, make contacts and even make offers.

Journalistic nomination film

Innovators can apply to the editorial staff of Industrielinqs, the organizer of the event. The editors will compile a longlist. Ultimately, at least eight will be selected by a panel (editors and a number of experts). Journalistically prepared nomination films of 112 seconds will be made of these finalists. These films will be published from late October with short articles on the news site www.industryandenergy.eu. Together with the public, the Dragons will determine who will pitch in the Dragon’s Den of Transition on December 8.

Besides innovators, the organization is also looking for dragons. They can buy a chair on stage to make it possible for innovators to showcase themselves. But more importantly, they can make deals with high-profile innovative companies. May be for an appointment to talk further, just to start.

Innovators can apply with a brief description of their innovation to editor in chief Wim Raaijen: wim@industrielinqs.nl.

For more information about a Dragon chair you can contact @wim-raaijen.

Wim Raaijen
I am a creative publisher, editor in chief, writer, vlogger and moderator with a journalistic and philosophic based view. Trying to re-invent the concept of publishing, based on platforms and partners, instead of separated media and advertisements. I am interested in industrial subjects like transition, sustainability, safety, energy efficiency, innovation and responsibility.