The Northern Lights site at Øygarden near Bergen. (Photo: Rikard Wilson / Equinor ASA)

Yara is going to store CO2 in Norway


The Netherlands/Norway – Starting in early 2025, fertilizer and ammonia producer Yara will capture 800,000 tons of CO2 per year in Sluiskil. The CO2 will then be compressed and liquefied in the Netherlands and transported to Norway for permanent storage in geological layers some 2,600 meters below the seabed off the coast of Øygarden.

This first commercial deal on cross-border CO2 transportation and storage in the world has been signed by Yara and Northern Lights, a JV owned by Equinor, Shell, and TotalEnergies.

The major commercial arrangements for the transportation and long-term storage of CO2 captured from the Dutch ammonia and fertilizer factory Yara Sluiskil off the coast of Norway have been agreed upon between Yara and Northern Lights.

Phase 1 has attained its maximum capacity thanks to the quantities from Yara, and Northern Light JV is now working to mature phase 2 in preparation for a final investment decision, raising the capacity to 5–6 million tonnes CO2 annually.

Large-scale decarbonization

This is a crucial development for the large-scale decarbonization of heavy industries to support achieving climate goals. The decarbonization of hard to reduce current industries that emit CO2 as part of their operations will be made possible by large-scale CO2 capture from industries and storage of CO2 safely under the seabed.

Photo: Rikard Wilson / Equinor