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Are you ready to showcase your innovative ideas in the field of industrial biotech? Join the Biotech Trail Europe 2024 (Bite24) competition and seize the opportunity to win a study tour through Europe!

During the European Industry & Energy Summit 2023, held on December 7 and 8 in Waagnatie, Antwerp, the Bite24 competition final will take place. We invite students, PhD candidates, and young professionals from all over Europe to form teams of up to three members and register by September 10th, 2023.

The winning team will embark on an exciting journey across Europe in 2024, visiting cutting-edge industrial biotech projects. Capture your experiences through engaging vlogs, journalistic items, and articles, which will be shared on various platforms, including Linkedin,, and

Business model

In this scenario competition, teams will analyze and choose the most promising route or technology in industrial biotech for the next 12 years, until 2035. Industrial biotech involves leveraging biotechnology to produce valuable products like chemicals, materials, food, and energy, while minimizing environmental impact. It’s a chance to make a significant contribution to sustainable and competitive manufacturing methods in Europe.

Your team will be required to provide a comprehensive description of a plant or chain of plants that could bring your chosen technology to fruition in Europe. Consider factors such as location, timing, funding, business model and potential partners. What, where, when, who, and how will your vision become a reality?

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From the participating teams, three finalists will be selected. These teams will receive assistance from organizer Industrielinqs to create captivating vlogs and deliver compelling pitches during the finals. The jury will assess the white papers, and early November will see the announcement of the three final teams.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent, gain valuable experience, and shape the future of industrial biotech. Register now for the Bite24 competition and let your innovative ideas take center stage!

For more details read the description and regulations below. Please do not hesitate to contact editor in chief Wim Raaijen:

Introduction and regulations Bite24

During the European Industry & Energy Summit 2023 (EIES23) on December 7 and 8 in Waagnatie, Antwerp, the final of the competition of Biotech Trail Europe 2024 (Bite24) will be held. This is a scenario competition for students, PhD candidates and young professionals. Teams of (max) three can register until September 10th 2023. 

The competition and trail are dealing with industrial biotechnology. Industrial biotech refers to the application of biology for the production of industrial products, such as chemicals, materials, food and energy. This involves using living (micro)organisms or parts of organisms to convert (renewable) resources into valuable products, often with reduced environmental impact compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Examples of industrial biotech applications include the production of biofuels, bioplastics, protein and fine chemicals forindustrial processes.

Study tour

The winning team will receive a trip trough Europe, summer 2024, Bite24, visiting innovative industrial biotech projects, sharing lots of content via vlogs, journalistic items and articles. Those will be shared on Linkedin, and other media. It is a sequel to Hydrogen Trail Europe (Hyte22) and Electro Trail Europe (Electe23). See pages on Linkedin and


The use of biotechnology has the potential to contribute towards a sustainable future industry by providing alternative routes for chemical processes, chemical building blocks and for example food ingredients. And thereby it can reduce the environmental impact of industry.

The teams participating in the scenario competition are asked to choose a promising route or technology in the field of industrial biotech for the next 12 years (before 2035) and develop a case on how this innovation will be a gamechanger in the transition towards a sustainable future industry.

Teams are asked to provide a description of a plant or chain of plants that could bring this technology to fruition somewhere in Europe. Location, timing and possible partners can be very important here. What, where, when, who and how? Teams are also encouraged to include different perspectives and highlight possible drawbacks and challenges. 

Three finalists will be chosen from the participating teams. These teams will make a vlog – with help from Industrielinqs – and give a pitch during the finals.


• Teams of three people write a paper of up to 5,000 words.

• Maximum age of the team members is 35 at December 31st 2023. In addition to students, PhD’s and young professionals may also participate in the competition.

• It is recommended to put these groups together heterogeneously. It can be enriching to use different fields of study or specialisms. Hybrid teams of students, researchers and professionals are also allowed.

– The white paper are assessed by a jury. The three final teams must be known by early November. These teams will make a vlog – with help from Industrielinqs – and give a pitch during the finals at EIES23. That happens with a short presentation, Q + A and a mutual debate. Each team must put a different team on fire during the Q + A.

– In the end, the jury members divide 70 points. 30 points can be gained by public votes at EIES23.


– Vlogs, journalistic filmed items and an extensive report of this journey is made in the publications of publishing company Industrielinqs.

– The intention is also to publish a selection of the highest quality papers. This is possible via the media of Industrielinqs, but also other internet sites.

Important data

– Final registration date teams: September 10th;

– Deadline for submission of papers is October 10th

– Finalists are known on November 1rst;

– December 7th finals and announcement of the winner.


Teams can sign up with an email to the editor-in-chief of Industrielinqs, Wim Raaijen ( State the names of the team members, their email addresses and the educational institution, company or organization to which they are affiliated. Also indicate who the supervisor is and whether there is interest in support from the industry.


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