Europe’s first large-scale green steel plant takes shape

Hydrogen Sustainable energy

Sweden – thyssenkrupp nucera is collaborating with H2 Green Steel to build Europe’s first large-scale green steel facility.

An installed capacity of more than 700 MW will be possible thanks to the standardized 20 MW electrolysis modules known as “scalum” from the manufacturer of the world’s most advanced electrolysis technology. Additionally, one of the biggest water electrolysis plants in Europe will be built as a result.

In Boden, northern Sweden, a new, completely integrated, digitalized, and cycle-oriented steel factory will be powered by green hydrogen. Operations are anticipated to begin at the end of 2025, with a ramp-up planned for 2026. The plant will initially make 2.5 million tons of green steel, and by 2030, production is expected to have expanded to about 5 million tons. The automobile industry is already in extremely high demand for green steel products and will be able to significantly cut its carbon footprint as a result.

Using green hydrogen

By using green hydrogen during the direct reduction of iron, the industrial start-up from Sweden eliminates climate-damaging carbon from the steelmaking process. Instead of producing liquid pig iron, this method instead creates a solid iron sponge that is then refined into unfinished steel in an electric arc furnace. H2 Green Steel employs green hydrogen created in the electrolysis plant right there at the Boden plant where it has a steady source of renewable electricity (from hydro- and wind power).

In comparison to conventional steelmaking, alkaline water electrolysis technology, which is utilized to create green hydrogen for the direct reduction of iron, enables H2 Green Steel to reduce carbon emissions by up to 95%, or virtually nil.

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