Topsoe gets EUR 94M grant from EU’s Innovation Fund for SOEC factory


Denmark – Topsoe has secured a EUR 94 million grant from the EUs Innovation Fund for its Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells (SOEC) factory.

The primary objective of the factory is to manufacture advanced and energy-efficient SOECs, pivotal components in the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives. Electrolyzers, such as those produced by Topsoe, play a crucial role in decarbonizing energy-intensive industries like steel, mining, and long-distance transportation. These sectors collectively contribute approximately 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, presenting a formidable challenge that cannot be easily addressed through electrification alone.

Topsoe’s SOEC factory responds to the EU Commission’s proposal to deploy 40 GW of hydrogen electrolyzer installations and produce 10 million tonnes of green hydrogen. This strategic initiative is poised to revolutionize industries that have historically been resistant to easy electrification.

SOEC factory

Topsoe’s green hydrogen production is anticipated to reduce emissions by around 7.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent over the first decade of operation compared to hydrogen produced from natural gas.

The SOEC factory, located in Herning, Denmark, boasts an initial manufacturing capacity of 500 megawatts of SOEC electrolyzers, with the option for future expansion. Operational by 2024, the facility is expected to employ 200 people, with significant indirect job opportunities rippling through its supply chain and related sectors.