Metsä Group explores carbon capture for sustainable future


Finland – Metsä Group is delving into the exploration of constructing a carbon capture facility at one of its pulp or bioproduct mills.

This initiative is an extension of the collaborative efforts initiated in the spring, where Metsä Group and Fortum jointly delved into the capture of wood-based carbon dioxide, investigating its potential applications in the chemical industry and the burgeoning hydrogen economy.

Carbon dioxide, often considered a pollutant, can play a crucial role as a raw material in various industrial processes. In the production of liquid fuels, chemicals, and plastics, wood-based carbon dioxide presents a sustainable alternative to its fossil counterpart. It emerges as a vital component in the production of hydrogen economy products like methane and methanol.

Carbon capture process

Metsä Group is now in the investigative phase, determining the optimal integration of the carbon capture facility with its existing mill equipment. The envisioned process involves capturing carbon from the recovery boiler’s flue gases by washing the carbon dioxide into a reaction solution, followed by the separation of pure carbon dioxide.

The carbon capture process draws essential resources, including water and energy, from the mill. Furthermore, the waste heat generated during carbon capture finds utility in the mill’s ongoing processes. The ongoing exploration includes considerations for the spatial requirements of the carbon capture facility, storage and liquefaction equipment, and the optimal transportation method for carbon dioxide to the upgrading facility. The safety and environmental impact assessments are also integral components of this meticulous planning phase.

Metsä Group’s initial surveys indicate a keen interest from upgraders in facilities that generate substantial volumes of carbon dioxide, a criterion aptly met by the recovery boiler of a pulp or bioproduct mill.

Wim Raaijen
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