Electe23: Green chlorine and hydrogen at Nobian

Electe23 Electrification Hydrogen

The Netherlands – Herewith the second vlog of Electe23. As a second prelude, we visited Nobian’s salt and chlorine plants at Chemie Park Delfzijl in the Netherlands. In the membrane electrolysis plant, third-generation electrochemical technology is already in use. And since last year, the chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen produced are green certified!


What are the steps now being taken in European industry in the area of electrification and electrochemistry? And how do these steps fit into the broad transformation of industry. For the Electro Trail Europe (Electe23), Industrielinqs, VoltaChem and their traveling companions (students and young professionals) already visited some projects in the Netherlands. The official trail begins on June 5th. Follow us on Linkedin.

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