Notpla’s plastic-free packaging reshapes industry norms

Circular economy

The Netherlands – In the relentless battle against single-use plastics, Notpla has emerged as a beacon of hope with its solution – a natural packaging made with seaweed, recognized as the first and currently only material truly free from plastic.

This achievement comes after a 9-month assessment process, independently verified by Eunomia Research & Consulting, a global sustainability consultancy.

Notpla’s approach is revolutionary, leveraging natural extracts from seaweed without resorting to chemical modifications. This allows the creation of natural polymers providing essential grease and moisture resistance for food boxes, a functionality crucial for its performance. In stark contrast to conventional containers and bioplastic alternatives laden with petrol-based coatings, Notpla’s solution stands out by being recyclable with existing paper streams or compostable at home, leaving no environmental trace.

Immediate impact

Vendors adopting Notpla are exempt from charging plastic taxes to customers, positioning them as the preferred option. This not only benefits businesses adopting reuse schemes but also those confronting challenges like hygiene barriers, offering a genuine plastic-free solution.

Notpla’s strategic collaboration with Conpax represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable solutions. Together, they aspire to replace a minimum of 15 million single-use plastic items discarded daily in the Netherlands. Conpax joins forces with Notpla to distribute plastic-free food packaging across the BENELUX market.

Commencing from January 2024, foodservice businesses and industries gain the opportunity to purchase Notpla’s plastic-free food packaging.

Plastic-free future

Notpla’s seaweed-based breakthrough not only meets regulatory requirements but also lays the foundation for a future where plastic-free solutions become the norm rather than the exception. As businesses embrace these innovations, they not only achieve plastic reduction goals but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.

Wim Raaijen
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