Technip Energies and Alterra work on petrochemical circular solutions

Circular economy

France – Technip Energies and Alterra Energy have agreed to work together to integrate Alterra’s commercially available liquefaction process technology with Technip Energies’ pyrolysis oil purification technology in a global joint development and collaboration agreement.

This integration will increase the use of recycled feedstock and improve the global petrochemical industry’s circular economy solutions.


Alterra offers thermochemical liquefaction, which transforms difficult-to-recycle plastic into pyrolysis-derived oil (PyOil). Technip Energies’ Pure combines their expertise in ethylene furnace and steam cracker design, as well as the preparation and purification of heavy feedstocks for refining and petrochemical facilities. rOil purification technology ensures safe, dependable, and optimized cracker integration.

Alterra’s recycled PyOil is a drop-in ready feedstock thanks to the combination of both companies’ solutions, allowing it to accelerate the replacement of hydrocarbon-based oil with recycled feedstock in the production of new plastic-based materials.