Converting non-recyclable waste into methanol Port of Amsterdam

Converting non-recyclable waste into methanol Port of Amsterdam

Circular economy

The NetherlandsGidara Energy has picked the port of Amsterdam as the location for its Advanced Methanol Amsterdam biofuel project (AMA).

Non-recyclable waste will be converted into advanced methanol. This fuel mix is aimed at meeting government aims to reduce CO2 emissions, as stated in the RED II and outlined in applicable legislation. There will be huge carbon reductions if the renewable fuel is produced.

Using HTW technology

This AMA-facility will make use of HTW technology that has been shown in global industrial-scale facilities to use biomass and waste (RDF) as fuel for decades. GIDARA Energy purchased commercially proven HTW biomass gasification technology, originally developed by RWE and Thyssenkrupp, to transform non-recyclable waste to profitable end products. GIDARA Energy’s goal is to reduce overall waste in order to get near-zero emissions.

GIDARA Energy focuses on reliability by applying the same size and configuration to HTW facilities that were operational for 10 years or more. The AMA facility will generate roughly 87.5 kilotons of renewable methanol per year, equivalent to that of 290,000 household equivalents of non-recyclable waste.

Port of Amsterdam – A bridge between two markets

The AMA plant will be built in the BioPark, an industrial area in the Port of Amsterdam established specifically for producers of renewable fuels. The cutting-edge AMA facility will comprise a knowledge center (complete with testing and pilot plant) as well as a commercial-scale plant utilizing GIDARA Energy’s patented HTW technology. The purpose of GIDARA Energy is to contribute to better, more sustainable fuels while maintaining a fully circular value chain. The AMA facility will help the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the rest of Europe move to a more sustainable energy future.

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