New Recycled Material Standard launched

Circular economy

United StatesGreenBlue and the Recycled Material Standard (RMS) have jointly launched the RMS and are inviting brands and suppliers in the plastics recycling value chain to pursue certification.

Since this spring, the RMS standard has been available for review, and as of today, those interested in certification can apply to the program, access a variety of supporting documents, and connect with a certification body to pursue an audit – putting the RMS into action.

RMS is the first standard to provide claims for both average recycled content and mass balance allocation, as well as a certificate trading system that directs investments to where they are most needed – to the recycler. This enables targeted investments in order to increase the supply and quality of available recycled materials.

The RMS provides unparalleled flexibility in tracking and tracing the use of recycled materials in mechanical and chemical recycling systems. Companies can also invest directly in the recycling system by purchasing and trading Attributes of Recycled Content (ARC) certificates, which function similarly to Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Because certified recyclers can generate ARCs immediately, brands can begin purchasing and utilizing credits, thereby helping to expand the much-needed supply of recycled materials.

The standard encourages the verification of both post-consumer and post-industrial plastics in order to provide a complete and accurate accounting of all types of recycled plastics. The RMS also provides multi-site certification, which is useful for larger companies with multiple locations across North America.