Fortum and Terrafame collaborate on recycling battery materials


Finland – Fortum and Terrafame have inked a contract for an experimental project in which Terrafame will produce battery chemicals using metals recovered by Fortum from the black mass of EV batteries.

Fortum and Terrafame’s partnership will make it possible to create a value chain that is even more sustainable in order to fulfill the demands of the European battery manufacturing sector.

According to the agreement, Terrafame will create battery chemistry for new EV batteries using the nickel and cobalt collected from the black mass of used EV batteries at the Harjavalta recycling facility by Fortum. Batteries will be recycled once more at the end of their useful lives, ending the flow of recoverable raw materials.

New solutions

In order to maintain the supply of raw materials for EV batteries, new solutions are constantly sought in Europe as the demand for battery chemicals increases quickly. The EU’s impending sustainable battery laws will call for a gradual rise in the use of recycled materials in battery production, even if it won’t be possible to completely replace the mining of core raw materials, such nickel and cobalt, in the near future. The first minimum standards for the recovery of battery materials like cobalt, nickel, and lithium will go into effect in 2026, so manufacturers of batteries, gadgets, and automobiles need to start preparing for new regulations.

The joint venture between Fortum and Terrafame will launch its testing operations in June and is anticipated to last for several years. The collaboration’s goal is to build a recycling value chain that will be viable for future demands.